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Combining a commitment to customer value and satisfaction, the reliability and dedication of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, timely expansion of products and services, strategic investment in research and development, and a continuing desire to innovate and create new markets, in nearly fourty years Industrial Rubber Company (IRC) has developed into a premiere supplier and manufacturer of industrial rubber products catering to a diverse group of industrial and military clients worldwide.

Starting with six employees in a small shop nearly forty years ago, IRC’s beginnings were rubber-coating parts for the mining industry. As opportunities developed, IRC expanded its service to distribute hoses and fittings, pipe, belting, valves, and conveyor belts to the mining, pulp and paper, agriculture, agrafood, power utility and marine industries.

In 1986, IRC acquired the contract to supply the Canadian Department of Defense with military vehicle track refurbishment and promptly expanded the facility to include specialized molding and lining capabilities at its facility located in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. By seizing opportunities for investment in research and development, IRC has a proven track record in rubber technologies, and now serves international industrial and defense industry clients throughout North America, South America and Europe.

Using patented processes and specialized skills for rubber moldings as well as rubber, ceramic and urethane linings, IRC can provide either in plant and/or field service for its unique products which provide defense against abrasion and corrosion and provide chemical resistance and wear protection in many industrial and military settings.

In 2004, IRC once again expanded its facility to develop new and expanding markets in using proprietary bonding technology whose applications are beginning to be explored.

Mission Statement
Industrial Rubber Company Limited is committed to producing a quality product that meets or exceeds our customer needs by fostering an atmosphere where all employees work for continuous improvement.

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